Aanvullend studiemateriaal : oude links

Geleerden en geloven, over wetenschap en religie

Majoranadeeltje, over deeltjes en kwantummechanica

Awareness , Endless Enlightement
The incredible power of concentration

Does Consciousness need a Brain? Evidence for Reincarnation

The neuroscience of Consciousness

Quantum Physics and how we affect reality

Deepak Chopra : The secret of Healing Meditations for Transformation and Higher Consciousness

Ted talks : A visual history of human knowledge

The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack
Fractals - Hunting The Hidden Dimension

Dark Matter : the Undetacble Mass
Fractals - Hunting The Hidden Dimension

Paralogical Perception, Tim Freke
Synthesis of Science and Spirituality : Eben Alexander

The Awaking
Enjoying every moment ( film E.Tolle

The Path W.Q.Judge  (artikels van W.Q.Judge in het engels)

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